Kasper Hviid

A pretty (but pointless) VR experience
Freebie melody recorded from my Stylophone Beat
Pressure-sensitive graphic tablet required
☑ Runs in browser ☑ Looks very "tech" ☑ Absolutely pointless
Run in browser
David Lynch meets Flapping Birds
A somewhat saucy Noita mod!
And Other Halloween Flash Fiction Tales
43 ready-to-play vintage games!
Earth is a lovely planet. Let's make it habitable.
Simple paint toy for Android
Think Conan the Barbarian, but on Mars!
Grotesque fantasy short story about food!
1912 booklet about the horrors of fleshfood
Quick reflexes and deep focus required!
Sort any prose by word count!
A new species of writing software
Simple joke app that displays an animated console screen.
fast-paced and relaxing
Play in browser
Vintage stereoviews resurrected in VR
First VR image viewer coded in BASIC!
Recursive art toy for VR and Leap Motion!