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When playing NOITA, I always end up just using one single wand, because of the bother of changing back and forth. I think the game could give a richer experience if you could fire any of the four wands at will, like in RISK OF RAIN.

This script will let you fire the four wands instantly. It also lets you pour liquid instantly, from the lastly selected flask.

I really like the freedom of just firing the wand I want to fire, without having to select it first. Especially in a heated battle, where I don't need any distractions. It also allows me to use crazy wand combinations, like close combat on #1 and teleport on #2.

The keys are as follows:

LEFT MOUSE: fire wand#1
RIGHT MOUSE: fire wand#2
SHIFT: fire wand#3
R: fire wand#4
1: select flask #1
2: select flask #2
3: select flask #3
4: select flask #4
MIDDLE MOUSE: pour from lastly selected flask
Q: Select flask slot #1 and pour.
G: throw lastly selected flask (also use this key to drink from flask)
Alt: Vanilla left click (You need to use this to select which wand to replace with the one you picked up; otherwise, you will accidently select a wrong wand)
J: Vanilla right click


The script works by changing the mouse and keyboard input. It's a crude approach, and it has its downsides.

Since the left mouse now auto-selects wand #1, it will also do that in the tab menu. You can no longer double-click to quickly transfer thingies from the wand to the inventory.

You need to use G instead of right mouse to drink from flask.

You need to use Alt to to select which wand to replace with the one you picked up.

Install instructions

You will need to install the AutoHotkey from autohotkey.com

After that, download my script and double-click it to run it. It will appear as an icon on the right side of your Windows taskbar. To stop it from running, right-click it and select 'Exit'.


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