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Photographs with depth, so-called stereoviews, were all the rage in the 1800s. With todays VR devices, we have a fairly good medium to explore the stereoviews of yesteryear! This experience offers a selection of vintage 3D photographs from all over the globe, carefully adapted for the VR medium.

The authentic footage, with depth and true-to-life scale, will let you experience the bygone world with a richness unrivalled by other historical VR experiences.

There are a total of 40 stereoviews, including:

  • Ice Cream Merchant, Contantinople, Turkey.
  • The Fish Market. Bergen, Norway.
  • Elevated Railway, New York.
  • The Mosque of Mohammad Ali.
  • Tropical Scenery, Florida. The Ocklawaha River.
  • Japanese Children with their Kites.

Tested on Oculus Rift CV1. Should work on VIVE too, I think.


Stereoscopic World Trip Manual.pdf 3 MB
stereoscopic-world-trip.zip 99 MB

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