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I just wanted to play Caves of Qud. That's how it started. I always had a hard time getting into roguelikes, so I started out gently by reading the Beginner's Guide. This turned out to be a bit of a long read, so I thought it would make sense to print it out, and while I was at it, why not print it as an retro game manual, fittingly for the oldie roguelike style? This project took a life on its own, and I soon forgot about actually playing the game. So, here's the Beginner's Guide, ready to print!

AuthorKasper Hviid


CoQ-Beginners-Guide.pdf 2 MB
How-To-Print.pdf 2 MB
CoQ-Beginners-Guide.epub 695 kB


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The pdf ends on page 15 i  mid sentence. It's incomplete. The epub version is fine.

The .pdf isn't designed for onscreen viewing, but for printing: You print the odd pages, turn the stack over, print the even pages, and fold the stack in the middle. As you might gather, this requires the pages to be presented in a rather weird order! :-)

Yo this is actually really rad, great job dude this is really good 


Awesome! Just printed my copy