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In itself, writing is super easy. However, todays computers are loaded with obstacles: gaming, social media and movies are but a mouse click away, ready to distract you with shallow, instant gratification. With that kind of procrestination at hand, it is hard to stay focused on writing, which requires a more solemn and self-contained mental state. If you want to write in this day and age, you wlll have to use whatever hack you can think of to create a writer-friendly environment. This program is my attemp at that.

At its core, it's a simple retro-console where you can type words. Visually, it is very far from the modern PC experience. This is not just about aestetics. By making the whole experience unlike anything else, I hope to trick your brain into believing that it really operates inside different space from the modern computer interface with social media and multitasking and all that.

The old-school visuals are contrasted with modern features aimed at providing a more natural and playful experience: autosave, five different display modes, sprint mode, gamification, word targets and a total absense of editing capacities.

The program is highly moddable. Just thinker about with the stuff in the media folder.

A few extra tricks to help you write:

  • Have a specific PC for writing, (with no internet access)
  • Have a specific room where you write.
  • Have a specific time of day where you write. (morning preferable, so you have the rest of the day off)


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