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TIME to make earth habitable! Turn the ocean into goo, help the earthlings grow tentacles, and sacrifice the least efficient team member to the dark one! Terraforming Earth is a quirky little game that's easy to get into. It's a faster and more casual version of That Other Game, but with its own mechanics!

How To Print

You will need A4 paper and a printer. To cut the cards out, you need a cutting mat, a utility knife, and a ruler.

Print the manual: Terraforming Earth - Manual.pdf

Find some thick A4 paper and print the 8 pages of Terraforming Earth - Cards Front.pdf. Once printed, turn the stack of paper over and print Terraforming Earth - Cards Backside.pdf on the backside.

Find some photo paper and print Terraforming Mars - Tokens and Suchlike.pdf and Terraforming Earth - Map.pdf

Cut out the cards and the tokens. Done!

Or almost done. You need a bunch of tags, that is, a bunch of roughly 0,5 cm cubes, one color for each player.

Digital Version

If you got Tabletop Simulator installed, you can find a digital version in the workshop:

Hello Fellow Game Designers!

While the core gameplay works, this is still very much a work in progress. So I'll be super grateful for any opinions about the game.

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AuthorKasper Hviid
TagsCasual, Cozy, Funny, Parody, Relaxing, Retro, Sci-fi


Terraforming Earth - Manual.pdf 157 kB
Terraforming Earth - Cards Front.pdf 38 MB
Terraforming Earth - Cards DIY.pdf 4 MB
Terraforming Earth - Cards Backside.pdf 5 MB
Terraforming Earth - Tokens and Suchlike.pdf 7 MB
Terraforming Earth - Board.pdf 2 MB