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This is really a fantastic idea; reminds me of a modern version of those shareware CDs I used to buy in newsagents as a kid!

The main games I felt were "missing" were Commander Keen, Duke Nukem and Crystal Caves. I feel they are among the most iconic shareware games, after Doom and Wolf3D.

I would also love to see added (shareware versions):


Vinyl Goddess From Mars

Jill of the Jungle

Jazz Jackrabbit


Traffic Department 2192

Highway Hunter

Solar Winds

Is there a reason any of those could not be added besides personal preference? Just checking because I'll make a private patch that adds them for me if not! :)

Thanks, good selection! Will see if I can get them added in the next update. This is still pretty much an in-dev project, so lots of classics are missing.

Had a bit of trouble with Jill of the Jungle though. It didn't return to the batch file it was run from (the menu) so I ended up just removing it. Might try it again!

Hi! Thanks for the reply (I forgot RADIX too, I think that had a shareware version?).

I just tried "inserting" Jill into your collection and got it working to return to the batch/platformers menu. If you need a hand with anything. please drop me a message or email; I'm an old DOS vet and grew up with these games as well as pretty pretty adept with DOSBox, and would be happy to help. :)

You got Jill to work? Splendid! Please tell me how. My mail is kasperhviid over at gmail


What a nice idea! I feel like being thrown back into the mid-90ies, exploring one of these 9 bucks-shareware cds. Thank you for this experience! :)